Welcome to East Van

Culturally electric and socially diverse, East Van is the ideal place
for those seeking the quintessential “Vancouver experience”.
Discover what makes East Vancouver a local favorite and
ground zero to some of the city's most creative restaurants,
craft breweries, and entertainment.



Home to some of Vancouver’s newest up-and-coming breweries, bars, and distillers, East Vancouver is the place to visit for hardcore foodies, beer aficionados, and cocktail lovers. Discover East Vancouver’s many restaurants, breweries, pubs, and distillers.


East Van has the best coffee in Vancouver. There, we said it. You hit-up Prado, Revolver, Turks, Bump N Grind (to name a few) and tell us we’re wrong.


East Van is many things — it’s as much a haven for skaters and hipsters as it is for the tech industry’s nouveau riche. Luckily, East Vancouver’s shopping scene reflects its diverse population, from crafty farmer’s markets and high-end furniture shops to modern bohemian and everything in between.


For many, East Vancouver’s parks and beaches are a welcomed escape from the pace of downtown life. Crab Park offers a gorgeous view of view of North Van, while Queen Elizabeth park houses the stunning Bloedel Conservatory and a spectacular variety of plants and trees.


From yoga, cycling, boxing, jogging, bowling to parkour and rock climbing, East Van has something for all ages and fitness levels. Whether you’re seeking peace of mind, excitement, community, or all of the above, East Vancouver has you covered.


East Vancouver’s schools and libraries are the backbone of the community. In total, East Van is home to 25 elementary schools, five high schools and 12 libraries serving its seven districts.


East Vancouver is home to some of Vancouver’s oldest––and most haunted––tourist destinations. Discover historic Gastown; Vancouver’s first block. Stroll through Canada’s largest Chinatown and awaken your inner child at Science World and the PNE.


East Van’s selection of health and beauty spots is second to none. From emerging treatments like cryotherapy and isolation tanks to beauty spas and wellness centres, you’ll find it in East Vancouver.