Condo with Renovation Potential

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Renovate this condo: #108 1823 E Georgia

Are you looking for a condo with some renovation potential that won’t break the bank or steal all of your time? This unit in 1823 E Georgia could fit the bill. The floor plan is already easy enough to work with that you’re really just updating the kitchen, bathrooms and flooring without needing any major work.

List Price $399,000
MLS®# R2117520
Type Apartment/Condo
Built In 1992
Living Area 655 sq.ft.
Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 1 full
Maintenance Fee $199.50/mo.

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The unit is 655sqft of interior space with a 144 sqft patio. Inside the unit, you have in suite laundry, an open kitchen and large bedroom. The kitchen could use an update, and the bathroom still has quite a bit of potential. If I could get my hands on this unit I would do a couple easy-(ish) renovations to modernize the interior and make the space a little more functional. Given that the kitchen appliances are newer you could sell them when making room for the appliances of your choice, and this renovation wouldn’t affect the already updated laminate flooring.

The building itself is really well run and was fully rainscreened with new balconies, roof and windows not too long ago, which makes it one of the better buildings in this neighbourhood. Each unit has it’s own hot water tank, which makes the piping a non-issue. It sits in an improving area of East Van, with Hastings East, Commercial Drive and some great breweries not too far away. The unit comes with parking.

If you have an extra $20,000 after buying the unit, here are some suggestions to update the space..

Renovate the Kitchen! You can’t do too much to the floor plan in this kitchen given the location of the washer/dryer and hot water tank, but on the plus side, that make this an easier kitchen reno since you can keep the components (sink & stove) where they are. The easiest change to make is to get rid of the upper cabinets that separate the kitchen from the dining space (all you have to do is repair the wall/ceiling), and extend the counter top out towards the living room. If you extend the counter top enough, you’ll be able to fit an extra set of cabinets underneath (the cabinet doors would face the dining room), in addition to room for bar stools. I’ve seen some savvy home owners fit a small wine fridge under the overhang as well (like this idea on Houzz)… something to think about! The kitchen isn’t too large, so new cabinets and counter tops wouldn’t break the bank, and to save money, you could only get new cabinet doors rather than the entire cabinet box (take a look at Granite Transformations for more info).

kitchen ready for renovation in east van

kitchen inside east van reno potential


Expand the closet in the master bedroom to create a walk in closet! The bedroom is large enough that there’s space to add a walk in closet, which gives any unit immediate modern appeal. All you have to do is add the walls (which is MUCH easier than removing walls) and ensure that the door has enough space to open. As you can see in my floor plan above, there’s still more than enough room for a queen sized bed and other furniture. For an even better idea, you can add a door in the washroom to access the small portion of the closet behind the bedroom door to create a linen closet.

Update the Washroom! I know the washroom already has an updated vanity, but there are better vanities available with more useful storage and better sinks/counters. As long as you’re handy, anyone can replace a vanity with a different one, and frankly, the other vanity is still nice enough to sell. Think about re-glossing the bathtub and shower in a modern white (this company can do that: ReSurface Solutions) unless you want the bigger job of replacing the tub and tiles and getting new fixtures to make the space feel much newer. Replace the floors in the bathroom with something a little more modern and choose a fresh paint colour to tie everything together.


renovation potential investment home east van


Utilize the Storage Room! Depending on what you need the storage room for, you can put some effort into adding a built in desk or shelving to create a functional space that uses every corner of the room.

Put some Love into the Patio! That patio is an extension of your living space (in dry weather), so make it a comfortable, functional space and you’ll use it that much more. Stores like Home Depot, Canadian Tire and various Garden stores have great options for outdoor furniture and planters to really make the space shine.

patio of east georgia renovation potential home

east georgia vancouver condo renovation potential



Let me know if you have any questions about this property or any others in East Van. We know the buildings, the renovations and the possibilities! Contact us.