East Van News: July 24

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Read below as we touch on some of notable (real estate) news coming out of East Vancouver, and other interesting facts.

East Van Real Estate News

Controversial Vancouver highrise moves closer to breaking ground (The Vancouver Sun): A new 21 storey tower at Kingsway and Broadway has been conditionally approved by the Vancouver development permit board. This tower has incurred some debate among residents and city workers, but it’s now one step closer to a sure thing.

Speaking of permits, Vancouver issues record number of building permits worth $1.12-billion in the first half of 2014 (The Vancouver Sun). This number has been steadily increasing in the last few years, to no one’s surprise. With a combination of major towers in the downtown core, boutique developments in burgeoning neighbourhoods and mid rise towers all over the city, this is the most development activity we’ve seen in years.

Communities Shut Out of Planning (The Vancouver Sun): This opinion piece discusses the Grandview community plan, currently being developed, and how the city’s recent changes to the system affect community participation. Residents have to apply and be chosen by lottery to participate in the committee that discusses the planning process and how the neighbourhood will be enjoyed by all residents in the years to come, arguably giving the city much more power when it comes to the decisions.

Take a look at this modern house in Toronto in the photo above: Post War House Converted into Modern Residence (Freshome). Though the dimensions of the lot aren’t discussed, it looks very similar to a standard Vancouver 33′ (frontage) lot, and this updated home suggests similarities to that of a Vancouver Special. Perhaps this can offer some inspiration for those looking to renovate their Vancouver Special! I love the wall of windows in the kitchen and the creative bookcase nook. Search for Vancouver Specials for Sale, and let the WeLoveEastVan Team know if you have any questions about the reno – we know what we’re talking about.

East Van Restaurants and More

I heard about this coffee shop after it ended it’s short two week run – the Faraday Cafe – one that actually repelled wireless signals while you were inside. No email. No Phone. No internet. No beeps. This little cafe was part of a cool project called the Chinatown Experiment, which is a small retail space at 434 Columbia St in Chinatown that allows people to book the space for days to weeks at a time for creative, social endeavours. Here’s some information on the Faraday Cafe, and on The Chinatown Experiment itself.

Fun new restaurant alert! Crack le Creme in Chinatown, at 245 Union St. A dessert place joining the Strathcona/Chinatown neighbourhood area offering delicious creme brulees and belgian waffles. Simple and delicious.

East Van Restaurant Recommendation: Graze at Fraser and King Edward. You won’t regret it.