East Vancouver Pre-Sale: SECOND + MAIN

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Condo Pre-sale Opportunity

Second + Main

While we don’t know too much yet, we will be seeing a new 12 storey complex on the corner of East 2nd Ave and Main St. It’ll be 226 units with 23 studio units, 145 one-bedrooms, and 58 two-bedrooms.

Also included is:
– 30 secured non-market rental units;
– commercial uses on the ground level (of approximately 1208 m²/13,000 sq. ft.);
– artist production space (of approximately 325 m²/3,500 sq. ft.);
– a floor space ratio (FSR) of 5.50; and
– 297 underground parking spaces.

Urban One is the builder set to take on the project. We’ve seen them all over town from UBC to Downtown. Magnum Projects will be handling the marketing of the building.

We expect this project to sell out come the first week sales are released, or soon after, so if you’re interested, let us know ASAP so we can get you up to speed. If you’d like more information on this project or would like to be notified as soon as sales are set, please get in touch: 604.441.7149 or [email protected].

Here is an early stage rendering we have: