Favourite Coffee Shops: Fraser

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Neighbourhood Coffee Shops off Fraser St

Fraser is a growing area. It has the benefit of being up and coming (with generally cheaper rent) which leads to unique, small scale spaces run by creative folks looking to establish a good relationship with the community and offer something interesting.

Matchstick Coffee Roasters

For the true coffee connoisseurs and the best chocolate chip cookies in town (and lots of other good food). The space is great with a big communal table and little spots to have a good conversation with a friend. The building has an interesting history being one of the first banks in the city… the original vault is still there! This space also gets really nice sunlight when we’re blessed with good weather. 

Located at E 15th Ave at the intersection of Fraser and Kingsway.

Batard Boulangerie

– This coffee shop is on Fraser St, and offers classic French pastries (they’re beautiful) and fantastic coffee. Taking a page from Europe, the focus is proper ingredients and a high end finished product. This coffee shop has it’s following and I’d prefer to enjoy it without a laptop in front of me. 

Located at Fraser St and E 24th Ave.

Le Marche St George

The cutest corner coffee shop, beloved by everyone in the area. You can find good food, good conversations and a good vibe. This is a true neighbourhood spot being nestled amongst the houses in the area. The space functions as a bit of a general store as well as an event space. Our header image above is of Le Marche St George. 

Located at St George and E 28th Ave.

Ubuntu Canteen

This cafe is a new spot (taking over the great Bows x Arrows space) offering a bit of a community gathering space, good for kids, fun and families. The menu is more like a restaurant but it has the casual air of a cafe. It’s unique, and worthwhile of a few hours of your afternoon.

Located at Fraser St and E 26th Ave.