Favourite Restaurants: Fraser

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The Best Restaurants in the Fraser ‘Hood

The Fraser Neighbourhood consists of a few different pockets of activity. The Fraser/Kingsway intersection, affectionately known as The Fraserhood, anchors the area, with the areas between E 23rd to E 30th and E 41st to E 49th offering residents options for food, shopping and amenities. 

I personally live within close walking distance, so I find myself in this area often. Here are some of my fave restaurants in and around Fraser:


Earnest Ice Cream (Fraser at King Ed)

  • Expect to line up for some of the best Ice Cream around. Oatmeal Brown Sugar is my random favourite, but I’ve never had a flavour I didn’t like.

Sal Y Limon (Fraser at Kingsway)

  • Really tasty fast Mexican food. Their tortas are the best in the city!

Grand View Szechuan (Fraser at E 26th)

  • Szechuan style that caters well to Vegetarians!

Les Faux Bourgeouis (Fraser at Kingsway)

  • Classic french food and the best place to satisfy a French Onion Soup craving.

Pho Hong (Fraser at E 47th)

  • The best Pho off Fraser, and that’s saying something!

Savio Volpe (Fraser at Kingsway)

  • A really well designed room with a modern take on classic homemade Italian food. You have to try a pasta dish while you’re there!

Bows x Arrows (Fraser at E 26th)

  • A real gem! From coffee to drinks to plates, everything they do is well done.

Los Cuervos (Fraser at Kingsway)

  • Meet your friends here for some great drinks and tasty tacos.

Jethro’s Fine Grub (Fraser at E 18th)

  • A brunch hot spot with huge, drool-worthy options

Masayoshi (Fraser at E 28th)

  • One of a kind in Vancouver and ideal for lovers of sushi, this small Japanese restaurants offers Omakase tasting menus

House of Dosas (Kingsway at Knight)

  • Dosa specialist though they excel in South Indian cuisine, made fresh and open late!