Favourite Restaurants: Hastings

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The Hastings area is a really unique area since it has very few major restaurant brands, which leaves room for a lot of interesting, local restaurants to proliferate.

Though this list is by no means exhaustive, especially because there always seems to be something new popping up in the area, but here are some of our favourite restaurants and eateries off East Hastings:

Mr Red Cafe

  • Some of the best Vietnamese food you’ll find in the city, so definitely go, and be adventurous. 

Red Wagon Cafe

  • This breakfast/brunch/lunch hotspot has a line every weekend for a reason.. and it’s the pancakes with pulled pork if you ask me. The same owners opened Bistro Wagon Rouge, which is a French Bistro (open for dinners), not too far away. 

Tacofino Commissary

  • A great spot to go with friends thanks to their long tables and tasty tacos. It’s a bit more casual than the Gastown and Downtown locations.. this was the first outpost of the popular taco restaurant in Vancouver. 

East Village Bakery

  • Really tasty treats (and perogies!) that are gluten free or vegan.

Tamam: Fine Palestinian Cuisine

  • Really cozy and really delicious. This is such a great restaurant to go too if you want to share platters of great food with friends. You’ll want to try everything!

Bai Bua Thai

  • Tasty and fresh authentic Thai Food. They have all the classics on the menu, and the food is really flavourful and bright. 

CHOMP Vegan Eatery

  • They offer organic, vegan and gluten free dishes for anyone looking for something fresh and tasty… to steal from their own slogan, it’s “Vegan Food that Doesn’t Suck”.  You can sign up for a meal plan service, dine in or take out.

Campagnolo Roma

  • One of the fanciest establishments on Hastings, and one that serves really good Italian made with local ingredients. The owners of this restaurant have a few other restaurants as well, so they definitely know what they’re doing! 

Jackalope’s Neighbourhood Dive

  • This restaurant/bar serves my favourite nachos in the city, so if you’re looking for a good night out, this is a great option!