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We’re going to be profiling our Vancouver Real Estate team so you can put a personality to our names – today is Kristi Holz, our East Van expert and building specialist. She offers years of real estate experience and neighbourhood knowledge. Contact us if you have any questions, or want to sit down and chat East Van real estate.

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Kristi Holz PREC*

Name: Kristi Holz… though Holz is a short form for my long German last name :)

What makes you passionate about Real Estate? Real Estate is the perfect combination of emotion and logic. The logical side relates to the transaction – insights into current and future value, finances and contracts. The emotional side is the actual space – where you live makes a huge difference on your day to day activities and mood – from your neighbourhood, to the orientation of your space, to the colours and textures you’re surrounded by, to the amount of light streaming through the windows… I’ve always been interested in design so the chance to create the space you want to live in is a wonderful feeling. Though most people aren’t lucky enough to build their own home (my pipe dream!) you certainly have a choice.

Favourite part of being a Real Estate Agent? The fact that every day is different, and I can be challenged in so many different ways depending on who I’m working with and what’s happening in the market. My focus has always been education – both for myself and for my clients, so I spend a lot of time reading anything that could be applicable and analyzing the market. Seeing what my clients have done with the space after they’ve moved in is a great feeling too. A lot of my clients take on reno projects, so the final results is always fun to see.

Favourite part about working on a Real Estate Team? The amount of support and knowledge we can offer each other. We’re all stronger because of it. And the jokes. So many great jokes bounce around in our office.

Favourite East Van Neighbourhood? Both my office and home are in Mount Pleasant, so it’s where I spend much of time and have a real love for the lifestyle and neighbourhood feel. From running through the tree lined streets, to shopping on Main St to hopping over to nearby Commercial Drive and the Fraserhood, it’s an area that marries energy with serenity. I were to choose another area outside of where I live, it would be Strathcona. I lived there a few years ago, before many of the newer restaurants and amenities came into the neighbourhood – it was great then, and it’s getting even better while it retains it’s unique history. As someone who likes to experience other neighbourhoods, both Mount Pleasant and Strathcona are incredibly central – a quick bike to The Drive or Downtown, a short walk to Gastown or the Seawall and you’re a couple blocks away from Main St.

What’s your favourite hidden gem in East Vancouver? The antique and interesting furniture stores along Main St and Commercial Drive. Lots of good stuff to find out there, especially if you’re willing to put a little bit of elbow grease in them. The Fraserhood is no longer a hidden gem, but it’s great bars and restaurants are still being discovered by many.

What’s your favourite not-so-hidden gem in East Vancouver? Gastown, for always being interesting and fun. Matchstick is great too, and they have the best chocolate chip cookies in the city (trust me!).

Best Sandwich Place in East Van?  Lost and Found Cafe in Gastown and Railtown Cafe (locations in Gastown, Downtown and Mount Pleasant) makes some great sandwiches and salads too – the ingredients are of such high quality. Parking can be tough, but you’ll love what they do.

Best Restaurant in East Van?  Impossible to choose, since it depends on what kind of meal you want to have, but here’s a quick list of some of my favourites: Oca Pastificio, Bandidas Taqueria, Savio Volpe, Sal y Limon, Chickpea, Acorn, Slickity Jims Chat n Chew, La Mezcaleria, and so many more!

What’s one thing you would change about Vancouver? A simple answer is the patio hours during the summer – restaurants and bars should be open later, and beers on the beach should be expected. The impossible answer? A longer summer season would be nice.

Favourite Style of Design/Architecture? Classical Modern, if that makes sense? The quality of workmanship and ornate, symmetric detail in classic design, but with a clean, urban twist. I love seeing wood and other natural elements in design, and would want some bright colours in the space as well.

Favourite Room in the House? Wherever the fireplace is – even better if it’s outdoors. Ironically I don’t have a fireplace now but I spend my free hours outside in my huge garden – I tend to both flowers and vegetables! It’s incredibly satisfying and immersive, I couldn’t imagine life without a garden.

Favourite app on your phone? Google Earth, and one called “Alarmed” is a life-saver.

Car or Bike? Bike if I can, but my car gets a lot of use.

Favourite thing to do on a day off? A delicious breakfast, time in the forest hiking, and a great evening with friends – dinner, drinks, playing games – good company is always welcome.

Favourite Book? This changes all the time. I tend to read a lot of non-fiction but I always end up craving some fiction to escape into, often Historical Fiction and biographies.

Thoughts on the future of East Vancouver? There is a lot to look forward too.. a lot of it can be improved, we just have to make sure that each area retains it’s notable neighbourhood feel.

Five Year Goals – personal or real estate? In 5 years I want to have a few home renovation projects under my belt, to gain some experience (some things you can only learn if you tackle yourself) and exercise some creativity.

Give me a call if you want to talk real estate, I’m always happy to help!

Kristi Holz

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