Moving Services in Vancouver

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So you found a great place to live, went through the contract negotiations and are now waiting for your possession day! You’ll have a lot of little tasks to do before you take possession of your new home (including meeting with the Lawyer, organizing your utilities, and looking for new furniture) but one of the biggest tasks, and often most stressful, is packing and moving!

I have had a lot of clients who insist on doing it themselves, with the help of friends, but I like to suggest using a professional company who have the proper materials and experience to get the job done right and done quickly. Even if it’s for a 1 bedroom apartment – you may think that buying your friends lunch and beer will be cheaper and easier than hiring movers, it’ll end up taking longer, you’ll have to rent your own truck and there will probably be a few more headaches. In addition, the movers and packers will make sure that your home is protected during the move (to avoid a mess after) and that your delicate items are protected during the move. All you have to do is ensure that the company is licensed, insured and has a good consumer rating.

Packing up your home is a big process – not only can it be tough to decide what to pack and what to throw out (it’s very easy to get sidetracked when moving thanks to the flood of memories you’ll have when packing!), but you always have to decide when to pack and when you’re going to be moving. There are quite a few services available these days that not only help you move, but can also help you properly pack your belongings based on use and how best to pack it. Almost all of these services will be able to give you a basic quote, based on the size of your home, fairly quickly.


Vancouver in the Box

This is a company that specializes in packing for commercial and residential moves. They have all the materials and know how to pack and label properly, and are based on Vancouver. It’ll take the packing stress of a few days and many hours of sorting, down to a few hours (for a condo) and a day (for a large house). For more information:



Frogbox is a local company (that was on Dragon’s Den) who specialize in moving services where they drop off eco-friendly moving boxes then will pick them up when you’re done packing and will move them to your new destination. Frogbox and Vancouver In The Box has a relationship where they’ll work together. Frogbox pricing depends on the number and size of boxes, and how far they have to move – you’ll have to have a good sense of your belongings in order to get this process started. For more information:


If you’re looking for a service that will do both the packing and the moving together, there are two reputable companies.

Green’s Moving Solutions

Green’s Moving Solutions is a local company based out of East Van. You can use their services for packing, moving, or both, and they do so with experience and great customer ratings. For more information:

AMJ Campbell

AMJ Campbell is an excellent moving service, specializing in relocation, and large moves across the country. However, they do local moves as well and are worth the consideration given their experience. For more information: