New Grandview-Woodland Community Plan

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New Grandview-Woodland Community Plan

The City of Vancouver recently released the new Grandview-Woodland Community Plan – a plan 4 years in the making that will have a big impact on the future livability of the Commercial Drive, Nanaimo and Hastings neighbourhoods.

For residents of the area, this plan means new development & more homes, upgrades to community facilities, upgrades to transportation networks, and improved parks. For anyone with real estate near Commercial Drive, Hastings or Nanaimo, you’ll want to take a good look at the plan as your lot may have been re-zoned for more density in the form of taller towers, townhouses, duplexes or infill housing. I’ve already seen a few lots hit the market that benefited from increased zoning and FSR, and expect more land assembly deals in the future to create better sites for townhouses and apartment buildings.

The full plan, including maps and graphics, is broken down into different neighbourhoods, so you can focus on changes to density and development within your own neighbourhood

History of the New Grandview Community Plan

This new community plan has been in the works for a number of years. City Planners began working on the plan years ago, but faced fierce criticism from residents of the area who thought the tall towers were too much for the small neighbourhood, which would ruin the authentic feel of “The Drive”. A revised plan was then developed with the help of a 48 person assembly of residents (owners and renters, young and old, and a variety of income levels). Together, they came up with 270 recommendations that were (mostly) incorporated into the plan.

Highlights of the new Grandview-Woodland Community Plan

The framework of the plan sets out changes to handle an increased population while improving city facilities and maintaining the history of the area.


Map of Grandview Woodland Community PLanSome of the highlights of the plan include:

  • Allow up to 6 storeys on larger sites just outside of the core of Commercial Drive, off E 1st Ave
  • Modify regulations to discourage demolition of pre-1940’s houses in Grandview
  • Expand Duplex areas and encourage infill housing (like laneways)
  • Allow 4 storey apartments and row houses along arterial streets and transition areas near Hastings and on Broadway
  • Allow buildings up to 6 storeys in the north end of Grandview
  • Allow buildings up to 18 storeys near Hastings and Clark Drive to create a new “gateway” area
  • Add public plazas off Hastings to encourage pedestrian comfort and activate the neighbourhood feel
  • Allow buildings 8-10 storeys on Hastings as you travel east towards Victoria Drive
  • Allow up to 6 storeys in the area west of Nanaimo St, and up to 4 storeys eats of Nanaimo St
  • Allow 8-12 storeys near Oxford ParkAllow up to 6 storeys in Britannia Woodland (west of Commercial Drive)
  • Allow in fill housing to encourage retention of older buildings
  • Allow up to 10 storeys on selected blocks of Pender St
  • Create a new Urban Plaza at the Safeway site at Commercial and Broadway, allowing up to 24 storeys, with new commercial and office space as well
  • Improve existing cycling network
  • Create wider sidewalks and intersection improvements

Click for City of Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson’s statement on the new Community Plan, or read the full Grandview Woodland Community Plan. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on how these zoning changes affect the value of your real estate in Grandview-Woodland.


Grandview-Woodland Community Plan in east Vancouver