New Technology for Marketing our Listings

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inspire aerial photography

We are very excited to tell everyone about a couple new tech toys we have, for the benefits of both our Sellers and our Buyers. The tools we’ve picked up recently will give prospective Buyers both a birds eye view of the property, as well as a walkthrough perspective, before ever stepping foot on the property. We’ve always been big supporters of new, innovative technology – both for tools and home technology (Nest is a great system), but also for ways to do business smarter. Along with our Custom MLS Search and Market Snapshots Report that we offer to clients, we also make use of cool apps to make the real estate process smoother for everyone.

Onto our new tools…

Aerial Filming for Fantastic Property Photos and Videos

First is this Inspire 1 Flyer by DJI, for aerial filming (see photo above). This flyer will allow us to take amazing, high resolution videos and photos of your lot and property, especially useful if the land has some interesting details that can’t be shown through standard photos. This will allow potential Buyers to see the lay of the land. It will be a great marketing platform to get the word out about your listing and will set it apart from the others.

The Inspire is an easy to use system, thanks to the mobile app that gives you complete control from the ground. Everything from manual camera controls to flight telemetry and even auto takeoff and landing are just a tap away, with more functions and updates coming soon.

We’re excited to use this system on great new listings, so give us a call if you to chat about what we will do to sell your home in East Van.

Gimbal for the GoPro – Steady Filming for Walk Throughs and Videos

Another tool we’ve picked up is a handheld gimbal, to be used with a GoPro. This tool is a stabilizer, that allows us to take stable videos of properties giving prospective Buyers a true view of what the home is like to walk through without having to step foot in the property. The gimbal ensures the video is stable, and because it works with a GoPro, it offers a wide angle lens and high quality video. We’ve also used this tool to take videos for our Buyers who weren’t able to make it to the inspection so they can see what they need to know.

It’s our goal to be ahead of our competition when it comes to real estate sales, offering high quality marketing that reaches more Buyers, in order to sell your home quickly and for the best price. Contact us to find out more!

With sunny days like today, and Spring on the horizon, we will make sure your home looks as good as possible when we bring it to market.