Reasons to Love Main St in East Van

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Another Parklet Slated for Main St and 21st Ave

main st parklet east vancouver


Remember this past summer when you could get a delicious coffee from Parallel 49 on Main St , and enjoy it in the sun on the patio? Well that is what the city calls a “Parklet” – a small community space built to take up a few parking stalls near popular, walkable destinations allowing residents and neighbourhoods to take up a spot and enjoy the city (see photo above).

This past Spring 2013, Main St residents and visitors saw “Parallel Park” (very punny!) installed next to Parallel 49 at Main St and 14th Ave. This space wasn’t reserved for Parallel 49 customers, but it did provide the perfect atmosphere to relax. This installation is spearheaded by VIVA Vancouver, an organization created to help bring Vancouverites together, with Parallel 49 sponsoring this parklet in particular.

The program is continuing in the Spring of 2014 with 6 more Parklet’s installed across the city, including one at Main St and 21st Ave in front of Chocolaterie du Nouvelle France, fittingly called “The French Quarter”. Take a look at the renderings below, and plan to enjoy the space this upcoming Spring and Summer, nonetheless with a delicious chocolate treat in hand.
main st vancouver parklet rendering

The very creative owner of the Chocolaterie also wants to add a Bike Bar area so bikers can stop and enjoy the public space without having to get off their bikes. She also plans to add large umbrellas so the space can be used in any weather. Take a look at their Parklet Kickstarter Campaign for more information.

main st vancouver parklet rendering
See the City of Vancouver’s Website for more information on the Parklet Program including sponsorship and locations of this Spring’s Parklets.