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propery management east vancouver strata management and councilWHAT DOES THE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY DO?


Relationships between Property Managers, Strata Councils and Owners in Vancouver Condos As an East Van agent I go through strata documents for a number of condo buildings in the city, as part of the due diligence for Buyers. It’s interesting to … more


The importance of getting rental insuranceTHE IMPORTANCE OF PERSONAL CONDO INSURANCE


Why every Owner (and Tenant) should have their own Insurance Policy I read through a lot of Strata Minutes and Documents, so I read about a lot of situations (always unexpected accidents) in which personal insurance comes into play, and … more


Vancouver strata property act Depreciation reportWHAT IS A DEPRECIATION REPORT?


In late 2011, a new regulation to the Strata Property Act was instated – Depreciation Reports are now mandatory for condo buildings in British Columbia.  A depreciation report is a comprehensive examination by professional Engineers of the common physical components … more


243 E13 east vancouver exterior building upgradesEXTERIOR BUILDING UPGRADES


The Future of Older East Van Condo Buildings East Vancouver has a lot of aging condo buildings – those built in the 1970’s and 1980’s are starting to look especially bad if they haven’t been maintained. Typically rental buildings look … more


buildings residential commercial units vancouverBUILDINGS WITH BOTH RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL UNITS


East Van has a lot of residential buildings with commercial units on the ground level, typically in buildings near major streets like Main, Commercial Drive, Broadway, Hastings, etc. Residential and Commercial Strata’s are both run in a similar manner, but … more


Pros and cons of buying a new vs old apartment in East VancouverOLD CONDOS VS NEW CONDOS: PROS AND CONS OF EAST VAN OPTIONS


We have lots of clients who specify that they are only looking for a condo built in the last 5 years, or post-2000.. nothing “old” since it doesn’t suit their modern lifestyle and they’re nervous about the potential construction necessary … more


east van condos den bedroomEAST VAN CONDOS: DENS/SOLARIUMS/OFFICES


1 Bedroom + Den Whether you’re looking for your first East Van condo, or you’re moving up in the real estate world, you’ll be on the lookout for a home that suits your lifestyle. This includes a space where you … more


About rainscreen condo buildings in east VancouverLEAKY CONDOS AND RAINSCREEN SYSTEMS


Everything You Need to Know about Rainscreens Rain is pretty ubiquitous when thinking of Vancouver, and it’s even infiltrated the Real Estate Market. If you’re in the market for a new condo, you may have heard the term “Leaky Condo” … more


east vancouver vanEAST VAN CONDOS: STRATA FEES


Condo Fees aka Monthly Fees aka Maintenance Fees If you’re looking to buy a condo in East Van, hopefully this isn’t the first time you’ve heard of condo fees! Whether it is or isn’t news to you, I’ll detail the … more


The importance of storage and security in East VancouverEAST VAN CONDOS: PARKING AND STORAGE LOCKERS


How Important are Parking and Storage Lockers when Buying a Condo in East Van? The inclusion (or exclusion) of parking and storage lockers can make or break a deal when it comes to buying a condo in East Van. Even … more


A list of live work buildings located in East VancouverLIVE WORK BUILDINGS IN EAST VANCOUVER


For more information on Live Work Buildings, Status, Zoning and Financial Implications, see my post on Everything you need to know about Live Work Buildings. The following buildings are some of the Live Work Buildings in East Vancouver, though depending … more


roof top common decks in east vancouver condosEAST VAN CONDOS: BUILDING AMENITIES


Condo Building Amenities and Common Spaces So I’ve made you go through a lot of the more boring aspects for condo ownership in my previous East Van Condos blogs – so let’s take a break and dive into something a … more


strata documents in east vancouver what are theyEAST VAN CONDOS: WHAT ARE STRATA DOCUMENTS?


Strata Documents and Monthly Meetings – Why are these important? When you’re purchasing a Strata Lot (also known as a East Van condo or apartment), you are investing in the building and you become a member of the strata corporation. … more




We’re going to continue diving into Strata Properties in East Van (aka Condos / Apartments). We discussed the general details of East Van Condo’s in our first post, but now we’ll start delving into the more specific details. First, the … more


east vancouver strata properties in condo developmentsEAST VAN CONDOS: STRATA PROPERTIES


What is a Strata Property and how is that related to a Condo? This is a great question, with a simple answer and a long answer! The Simple Answer: a strata property is any property where at least 2 owners … more