Tips for New Home Owners

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Buying your First Home

For those of you moving into a new home (and especially your first owned home!) you’re going to realize that there are a lot of small jobs you can do to make the home yours and more functional, so here are some tips:

1. Look into some cool smart home technology!
I recently wrote a blog about my faves! Check it out: How Smart is your Home?


2. Invest in better Blinds and Curtains
Blinds and curtains can really change the feel of a room thanks to the amount of light they offer and how modern they look (not to mention, privacy!). Home Depot has great shades (both pull down and top down bottom up types) that can be cut to size on site so you can install them that night and completely avoid any custom order wait period! Curtains will help soften the space and bring the whole design together.


3. Try out Different Floor Plans
Depending on the size and style of your home, you might have a few different options for floor plans that can really change the feel and flow of the space, so try out different layouts! Move furniture around, consider hanging your TV and open yourself up to the idea of getting a few new furniture pieces that fit your new space a little better.


4. Get some Plants
Greenery can really make a space feel bright and fresh. Not only do (certain) plants clean the air, but there are many different kinds available that don’t need a lot of light or water which makes them easy to maintain for people who don’t have a green thumb.

 5. Install better Lighting

I find lighting can be one of the most overlooked pieces of furniture. Make sure the lighting you have spreads the light in your apartment and offers different settings based on the time of day. Don’t rely on overhead lighting as “task” lighting can offer a nicer experience. Here’s an article on How to Light a Room. I have the same dining room light as in the photo above!

And finally, don’t fret! Moving in and creating a home takes time. Sometimes you have to get a feel for the space before buying big furniture and art.