Up and Coming New Condo Development on Main St

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Main Street Arts 1

Portliving and Studio B Architects has a re-zoning application in progress for a future development to be built on a lot at the corner of Main St and E 6th Ave in Mount Pleasant. This re-zoning application asks to change the lot from Industrial to Comprehensive Development, which allows for large condo buildings and mixed use spaces like retail, restaurants, etc.

The re-zoning application for this lot at E 6th Ave and Main St calls for a 6 unit mixed use building with 65 residential units (both condos and townhouses), retail/commercial space on street level, along with underground parking and an amenity space for the building residents.

This building is still in the re-zoning process so it will be a while before the re-zoning (and future development) is approved and selling, but it’s positive to see this industrial space be turned into useful residential and commercial space, filling in the gap between Chinatown and the really walkable, retail focused area of Main St (south of E 8th Ave).

The City of Vancouver Re-Zoning Application Page for this project can be found here: Re-Zoning Application for 2202 to 2218 Main St.

Portliving has built the recent new buildings Midtown Modern and Midtown Central on E Broadway (between Kingsway and Fraser) along with a few other bigger complexes around the city. Their buildings have good floor plans and nice colour schemes, and have really found a balance between being nice but not too luxurious/expensive. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!