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Mapped housing info for Vancouver

Mapped Housing Information for Vancouver

Are you hoping to buy a detached home or lot in the City of Vancouver and want to know the property lines? Looking to learn a little more about the parcel of land you already own? Want to get a sense of City services, amenities, etc nearby? Check out the City of Vancouver’s Map Database that offers layers of useful and interesting housing, zoning and City information. The system is called VanMap.

There are lots of features/information you can view in VanMap. For example, you can view:

  • Property lines
  • Zoning information
  • Sewer mains
  • Water mains
  • Information about addresses
  • Public places (like community gardens, hospitals, parks, public washrooms, off leash dog areas, etc)
  • Crime data
  • Voting Information
  • City of Vancouver Projects

This information is useful for potential or current home owners who may be looking to do renovations on the property, need zoning information or want to verify the dimensions of the land. Try out the VanMap system – search for your address and then view the map with different layers by expanding the options on the left side of the page.


The City of Vancouver has added a very cool new feature to VanMap that allows you to see how your neighbourhood has changed in the last 100 years. I’m a history fanatic, so seeing how the city was represented back in the day is very cool. The City uploaded to VanMap a 100-year-old map (previously used for fire insurance purposes) that can be viewed in VanMap, showing every single building in the city, the old streetcar lines, the location of piers on the waterfront and the previous shoreline of the City (which has changed drastically). Adding layers to the map allows you to view the locations of current parks, property, facilities and more.

In order to view the historical map in VanMaps, click “Aerial Imagery” on the left side, and then check “1912 Goad Fire Insurance Map”.

VanMap can be a little finicky, but take some time to play around in the system, viewing different levels of information. It’s a great resource or the City and it’s residents.