WeLoveEastVan.com Agent Profiles: Ben

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East Vancouver Real Estate Agents

We’re going to be profiling our (growing!) Vancouver Real Estate team so you can put a personality to our names. We have six great agents, with lots of real estate experience and neighbourhood knowledge to go around. Contact us if you have any questions, or want to sit down and chat real estate. We offer a lot of cool services to our clients and are always willing to help you on your journey to buy your next home.

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Here’s Ben, our resident renovation expert and partner in the Zwick Chimes Real Estate Group:


we love east vancouver letting agents profile ben chimes

What makes you passionate about Real Estate? I love the dynamic ever-changing nature of it. The pace of the market in Vancouver can certainly be crazy, but it’s a lot of fun to problem solve for clients on the fly. I’m also a big architecture buff, so getting to see a lot of design work, new construction, and renovations is really interesting.

Favourite part about working on a Real Estate Team? The synergy of our group is outstanding. It’s so great having a team of peers to use as a sound board, to spark innovation, and, often most importantly, to share a laugh with when challenges pop up.

Favourite East Van Neighbourhood? Main Street. It’s just so easy to spend the day wandering through eclectic shops with a plethora of great coffee shops, bars and eateries along the way.

What’s your favourite hidden gem in East Vancouver? The East Village Bakery on Hastings. Outstanding treats, friendly owner and some quality gluten free options.

What’s your favourite not-so-hidden gem in East Vancouver? El Caminos. I’m a sucker for tacos with a good margarita.

What’s one thing you would change about Vancouver? Transit. I would love to see a massive overhaul in the city to ease congestion, improve access and modernize the city. Oh, and zoning changes at city to allow for more density and ease housing affordability.

Favourite Style of Design/Architecture? I love minimalist modern. Clean lines with wood, glass and stone serving as key elements. Eye catching art pieces and few subtle accents of colour complete the look for me.

Favourite Room in the House? The garage. Yes, it’s weird. But I just got a garage for the first time and I love how clean the rest of my house is when I can put everything in it. It also doubles as a home gym and workshop for me, which is great.

Favourite app on your phone? Headspace is a great little tool for finding some Zen on the run.

Car or Bike? Sadly, I’m usually in the car. But I love to bike the seawall on a sunny day.

Favourite thing to do on a day off? Day off? What’s that? Kidding. If the weather is nice, I love to be out on the water sailing or on the tennis court. In the rain, I like to pick a new recipe and make a rare home cooked meal (with some delicious wine of course).

Favourite Movie? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Was a great movie to get you thinking about things in a different way. Have re-watched a couple of times.

Thoughts on the future of East Vancouver? I’m really looking forward to the removal of the viaducts and build out of the False Creek Flats to see what happens with the Strathcona community. I could see that area becoming a spectacular local community for families, small business, etc. With its proximity to downtown, it has the potential to be a truly special part of the city long term.

Ben Chimes