East Vancouver Real Estate: Full Market Update for March 2014

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What’s Happening with Condos, Townhomes and Houses in East Vancouver?

March has brought a busy East Vancouver Real Estate market! It’s been fast paced with a lot of action from really eager Buyers. Good listings in hot neighbourhoods are selling quickly, whether they are condos, townhomes, detached house or build-able lots. Across Vancouver, there has been a 41% increase in sales compared to February 2013 and a 44% increase in sales over last month. If you’re looking to sell, ensure your house presents well and is priced according to current market value.

We’re seeing Buyers snap up some of the more affordable options in Vancouver, which then allows those Sellers to buy their next property and so on. This type of waterfall activity keeps the market strong.

East Van Detached Homes remain the most active market, but let’s break down the East Vancouver Real Estate Market even further:

East Van Houses

East Van Half Duplexes and Townhomes

East Van Condos

The market is busy now, but we’ll see a drop in activity before summer rolls around. If you’re interested in selling soon, give us a call or fill out our Kitsilano Home Value Page so we can offer a plan that suits your needs, and Buyers, stay in tune with the market so you know what’s selling, where and why.