East Vancouver Real Estate Market Update for August 2015

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East Vancouver Real Estate Market Update – August 2015

We hope everyone has been enjoying a great, sunny summer. We’re into August now, a time when the market starts to slow down for the final few weeks before the fall. The inventory numbers are lower than other months this past year, though the sales to active ratio (which is 45%) remains high. There have been a lot of Buyers this year who have lost in multiple offers or who did not have the chance to secure a great property before it was quickly sold, so there remains a good number of prepared Buyers ready to snap up good properties as soon as they’re listed. Having said that, there will be fewer properties on the market in the next few weeks, so don’t let this dissuade you – more will come in the Fall.

For a little more specific information about the condo, townhouse and detached house markets in East Van, take a look at these updates:

East Vancouver Condo Market Update
East Vancouver Townhome and Half Duplex Market Update
East Vancouver Detached House Market Update

As always, contact the WeLoveEastVan team if you have any questions on buying or selling in East Van. Even if you’re looking to get serious about Real Estate in September, contact us now so we can get you on the right track from the beginning.