East Vancouver Real Estate Update for August 2014

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Now that we’ve hit mid-August, you can officially say that we’re in the dog days of summer. Real Estate activity in East Van becomes slower than normal, with fewer new listings and sales hitting the market (even in the very hot East Van Detached House Market). This drop in activity was expected with most people choosing to spend their weekends away rather than shopping for real estate. However, things will pick up as soon as we hit the Fall Season.

The East Vancouver Real Estate market is large, and thanks to a wave of people and developers moving East, it’s ever changing. It’s always a little harder to understand the market at this time of year because of the drop in activity, but let’s take a look at the numbers and some recent activity in the East Vancouver Real Estate market!

East Vancouver Condo Market Update

East Vancouver Townhouse and Half Duplex Market Update

East Vancouver Detached House Market Update

As always, give the WeLoveEastVan team a shout when you have any questions – about units, homes, buildings, renovations or the real estate process in general. We are experts and can guide you through a successful real estate transaction. Things will get busier in the fall, so take some time now to start the process.