Favourite Bars: Fraser

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Best Places for a Drink in Fraser

Fraser is definitely that up and coming area. A few recent additions to the neighbourhood have made this a destination with a few different options based on what you’re looking for in a night out. Look for more additions to the list over the next few years as a few new condo buildings are completed and new business roll in.


  • Cocktails and class. They offer great daily specials, good food and good cocktails. 

The Black Lodge

  • Pub style vegetarian food in a Twin Peaks inspired Bar. It’s always great music and the room is cozy. You’ll have a great time!

Bells & Whistles

  • Pictured above! This is a clean, modern space with big screens and a long, unique beer list. There is a small outdoor patio, a basketball hoop and great food! It you live in the area and want to watch sports, this is a great spot to try thanks to their screen set up. 

Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood Pub

  • A large space with pool tables, a patio, TVs and room for groups. They have the best Caesar Wraps in the city!

Matchstick Coffee

  • If you’re looking for a beverage during the day, or early in the evening before 9pm, Matchstick is a good spot for a quick drink as they have beer on tap! Here’s a fun fact from their website: Many years before we took ownership of the space, it was home to one of Vancouver’s first banks. The original vault door is still in place and you can try your hand at cracking the combination lock when you visit.

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