Favourite Bars: Mount Pleasant

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Our Recommendations for the Best Bars in Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant will always show you a good time. It’s such a large neighbourhood, that each area within has it’s own hot spots and hidden gems to show you and your crew group a good time. There are lots more suggestions where these came from. If you’re looking for class or casual, you’ll find it somewhere in Mount Pleasant – just ask us where to go!

Main / Little Mountain Bars

  • The Shameful Tiki Room
    • Every night at the Shameful Tiki Room is fun, and not just because of their Tiki Bowls!
  • The Reef
    • A great restaurant too, but go for the interesting drinks, rum selection and best Dark n Stormy’s in town.
  • Portland Craft
    • Always a fun spot, and usually pretty busy (especially after a Canadian’s Game at the Nat)
  • Nomad
    • A great spot to go to for cocktails, with refined food and late night music to boot.
  • The Main
    • Open until 1am, which is later than most, so it’s a good spot to go too for the extra late nights!

SOMA District Bars

  • The Five Point
    • Great for sports, trivia nights, patio days and late nights!
  • The Cascade Room (PICTURED ABOVE)
    • This is one of the best cocktail bars in the neighbourhood with a great wine selection too. 
  • The Narrow Lounge
    • A sneaky room that you might not find walking by. It’s great for late nights!
  • Brassneck Brewery
    • A good looking brewery with fantastic beer and good food trucks waiting outside.
  • 33 Acres Brewing Co
    • One of the original breweries and still one of the best. They have a fantastic menu too.
  • Eight 1/2
    • A hidden gem off the Main Rd. Go for their comedy nights!

Chinatown Bars

  • The Union
    • A great little bar in Chinatown with long tables and an asian influence on flavours.
  • Upstairs at Campagnolo
    • A casual bar (carpeted, if that gives you any idea of how casual) with good cocktails and the famous “Dirty Burger”
  • Boxcar
    • They have a really good beer list, interesting cocktails and you’re allowed to bring in a pizza from Pizzeria Farina next door.
  • The Brixton
    • A great “meet in the middle” kind of spot if one person wants a tea, and the other wants a beer.

Don’t miss our Favourite Restaurants in Mount Pleasant list too. If you have any questions on the neighbourhood, don’t hesitate to give us a shout. This area is big and one that is definitely always changing, so there will always be something new to try.