Favourite Restaurants: Mount Pleasant

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Mount Pleasant Restaurant Recommendations

Mount Pleasant is arguably one of the best neighbourhoods in Vancouver. It’s well located to other neighbourhoods, the Seawall and interesting places nearby. It has a number of different areas within the neighbourhood, each offering their own unique vibe, and you can expect more changes to come with more upcoming developments.

Here is a list of some of our team’s favourite restaurants. From Chinatown spilling over into Little Mountain, these are some of the spots we suggest:

  • Kissa Tanto
    • Voted Vancouver’s best new restaurant, this Japanese Italian restaurant has a beautiful room and inspired food. Make reservations and go for a nice night out. ]
  • The Ramen Butcher
    • One of the best Ramen restaurants in the area with homemade noodles, full flavours and a good menu.
  • Dock Lunch
    • A cozy spot offering homemade (literally!) predetermined menus every day, with both meat and vegetarian options.
  • Burgoo Bistro
    • This is an updated classic. A family friendly restaurant with a great patio and updated comfort food.
  • Anh and Chi
    • Modern and tasty Vietnamese food in a stylish room. You’ll be impressed!
  • Slickity Jim’s Chat n Chew
    • Be prepared to wait in line for brunch. It’s comfortable and tasty, a great place to meet up with friends.
  • The Acorn
    • A small and cozy room that serves high end vegetarian food and well made cocktails.
  • Chickpea
    • Saucy and satisfying Vegetarian mediterranean food with a family friendly room and often a wait outside
  • Toshi Sushi
    • Known for having incredible sushi. Be prepared to wait for it, but it’ll be worth it!

We have so many more suggestions, so if you’re looking for a cool pace to go, just ask! Stay tuned for some of our fave bars, coffee shops and more.