Favourite Shopping: Mount Pleasant

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Best Shops in Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is definitely one of the best places in the city to stroll up and down after brunch on a sunny day. They shopping is mostly local stores and designers so you’ll find unique, fashionable and surprising things. Anything from clothes, to home goods, to food items, to books & toys, to whatever your heart desires can be found on Main St. Here are some of my favourite shops, though this is far from thorough.

Dandelion Records & Emporium

  • A hot spot for music lovers! Be prepared to go home with a few records and something new to listen too. 

Pulp Fiction Books

  • Great for the bibliophiles out there, and those who are looking for something specific. The staff are really helpful and knowledgeable, so much so that they always know about the random book I’m looking for. If they don’t have it, they can get it for you. 

Still Life

  • A great store for fashion focused people looking for something well made and unique. Clothes are for both men and women, and they carry accessories too. 

Granville Island Toy Company

  • A solid toy shop for parents looking for unique toys and gifts. You’ll find all the classics and smart toys for modern kids. 

Front & Company

  • A big shop for both Men and Women featuring clothes, consignment and knick knacks. This is one of my favourite shops – I always know that I’ll find something good here (especially if you’re looking for name brands!). 


  • The ultimate store where you can find that random thing you’re looking for! You’ll find yourself here often if you live in the neighbourhood and it’s a spot I always find myself pulling over to go into when I drive by. 

The August  Market 

  • This is a great little grocery shop where you can fill up on Kombucha, nd local and delicious things that you may not be able to find at your local big box grocer. It will become your go to if you live within a few blocks.