The Future of Kingsgate Mall

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Re-Development of the Kingsgate Mall Land

Many of you may not know, but Kingsgate Mall (at the corner of Kingsway and Broadway) sits on property owned by the Vancouver School Board (VSB)! Kingsgate Mall is currently a small mall with a random selection of stores ranging from clothing stores, to furniture stores, to odds and ends. Rounding out the anchor stores include a Shopper’s Drug Market, Buy-Low Foods and Liquor Store.


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The area is under utilized compared to most Vancouver standards, especially with the increase in popularity and density in Mount Pleasant (with more to come as newer condo buildings finish developing). Given the Vancouver Schools Board’s current deficit, they are looking to bring in more funds, and what better way to do that than to re-develop the site. On May 1st between 1 and 4pm, the VSB will be hosting a pop up discussion about the resident’s ideas and hopes for the site, so drop by if you’re interested in having a say in the future of your neighbourhood. I’ve heard in the past that the VSB has been planning on re-developing the site into more and more modern commercial spaces, which could potentially include a grocery store (everything from continuing with Buy-Lo to adding a Whole Foods), office space and other retail.

From the Vancouver School Board:

VSB owns the Kingsgate Mall property, and has a long term lease on the building and operations with Beedie Group. The school board and City of Vancouver acquired parcels of land at the current mall’s location in the late 1800s. Mount Pleasant School was built in 1892. The City transferred all of the land to VSB in 1962. The area became a traffic and commercial hub and a new school was built in a nearby residential area. The property was vacated in 1972 and the mall was constructed in 1974, including a commercial lease.

Before making any decisions about the lease or future interest in the property VSB has committed to consulting with the public. The May 1 event will be an early, high-level ideas discussion to hear from stakeholders, community partners and the public about what they value at the location now and for the future. 

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