Interior Lighting – A Vancouver Special Renovation

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This is a little delayed, but better late than never.

Now we are beginning to put everything back together. The drywallers have a been through, so that has allowed for the painter, electrician, and plumber to start to work towards their final inspections. Probably the more noticeable addition has been the installation of the pot lights throughout the house. We have gone with MR-16 lights in the kitchen and entrance, and man do they look good. MR-16’s are a type of bulb with a different frequency of light that is often used for art and other areas that need a consistent light. In the bathrooms, we have chosen to go with normal pot lights to save on cost.

The other thing that has started, is the installation of the kitchen. You’d never guess by looking at the kitchen, but we chose to go with Ikea for the cabinets. I think that you can make Ikea cabinets look really good, as long as you go high-end with everything else. We went with quartz stone counters, Fisher & Paykel appliances, and my contractor designed and made custom handles out of aircraft aluminum. We also added a deep and square double sink, a huge double pantry, and a beautiful Hans Grohe faucet. We had trades people that said they have worked on kitchens that were 3 or 4 times as expensive, that virtually looked the same. The money that I saved by going with Ikea, paid for all of my appliances, and my electrician’s bill! This is a no brainer if you ask me…

These aren’t great photos but you get the drift…

vancouver special renovation lighting living room interior space

vancouver special renovation lighting kitchen spotlights

vancouver special renovation lighting kitchen and flooring

vancouver special renovation lighting bathroom tiling

vancouver special renovation lighting interiors



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