Midtown Modern – New Condo Development in Mount Pleasant

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If you’re looking to buy a new development (and wait the next few years for possession) then this post is for you. Midtown Modern is the newest development by PortLiving, a developer who has done residential and commercial construction in Vancouver including South Creek Landing (at the south end of the Cambie bridge), VYA, InGastown and the first Midtown building still under construction.

Midtown Modern will be a condo building with 50 units, ranging from studio units and larger, with the top floor units having rooftop decks (see the screen grab above). Pricing and units will be released later this week.

The development will be starting sales very soon, so contact us if you’re interested in knowing more about the development and ensuring that you have proper representation in the sale (remember, if you buy directly from the Developer, they’re not working in your best interest). All new condo buildings in Mount Pleasant have sold out with the first few weeks, if not within the first week, so you have to move quickly on these types of projects.

Pre-sales have a lot of pros: new construction being the biggest. They also have their downsides, take a look at my post about the Top 13 Things to Know about Pre-Sales for more information about the pros and cons of pre-sales and my post about Mortgages for Presale Condos.

Contact us if you’re interested in chatting about pre-sales.