New Condo Development on Main St (Potentially)

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Main Street Arts 2

PortLiving and Formosis Architecture has a re-zoning application out for a new condo building at Main St and East 4th Ave in Mount Pleasant. It hasn’t yet been approved (the lot is currently industrial so it needs to be re-zoned first, then the development needs to be approved) so it’ll still be a little while before this building is selling, but it’s nice to see some buildings/businesses fill the gap between the Skytrain at Main & Terminal and the beginning of the commercial focused, walkable part of Mount Pleasant at Main & E 8th heading south.

This new condo development proposed at Main St and E 4th Ave will be, if approved, a 6 storey mixed use building offering 49 condos units, underground parking, 5 ground floor retail spaces and a childcare facility for 37 kids. The building will also offer amenities for residents. As per the development plan, here is the breakdown of condo units:

26 studios from 455 – 561 sqft

4 one-bedroom units from 697 – 758 sqft

13 x two-bedroom units from 884 – 1,356 sqft

6 x three-bedroom units from 1,172 – 1,562 sqft

Like most new buildings in the area, you can expect the larger 2 and 3 bedroom units to be fairly expensive as this isn’t a low income building.

For more information about the re-zoning application, see the City of Vancouver page: Re-Zoning 1940 Main St

There is a community Open House on March 12, 2019 so people both for and against the re-zoning can voice their opinion and learn more about the project. For more information about this event see the City of Vancouver page linked above.

This entire strip of Main St is generally already owned by developers with a few other buildings either in the works in development stage or coming up in the pipeline (including a re-zoning application for Main Street Arts 1 at the corner of Main and E 6th). Five to ten years from now this strip of Main St will look a lot different!