East Van Architecture: Craftsman Bungalow

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The Craftsman style home is arguably one of the most popular styles of house architecture in Vancouver. This style has a few different iterations of homes – including the Vancouver Craftsman and Traditional Craftsman (I’ll discuss those in a later post) – that took advantaged of different budgets, slight style differences and the size of lots. Heritage Houses in Vancouver were often bought from a catalogue so you could purchase different pieces or sections of the house given your tastes.

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bungalow styles east van

bungalow styles east van


The Craftsman Bungalow is the smaller sibling of a typical Craftsman home, often found on smaller lots and, at least back in the day, were built for a lower budget or smaller family. These houses generally had an exterior with two asymmetrical triangle shapes, one holding the front door and the other with the front living room window. With the front entry off to one side of the house, the front porch was typically not much bigger than the front door, and was covered, with square columns on with side and often a stone or lap siding covering the porch. The roofs were often low pitched roofs (thanks to the triangle shape) and had overhangs on the side of the house. The Craftsman Bungalow Exterior exterior was often stucco and wood detailing (in the upper gables), shingles on the sides and lap siding near the bottom. Some Craftsman Bungalows had a front porch the entire length of the home, with a narrower set of stairs.

Front windows on Craftsman Bungalows often came in a set of three, and often had stained glass details, with a small window on the front door also using stained glass.

bungalow styles east van


Craftsman Bungalows were often one and a half storeys, with the half story often being a low attic space. Other iterations of this style had only the one main floor and basement space. The kitchen was typically at the back of the house, dining room in between that and the front living room. The two bedrooms were on the other side of the house. In their current state, many of these houses have finished the basement to put an extra suite, or a large living space for a growing family.

Craftsman Bungalows were popular for almost 3 decades at the turn of the century, so you can imagine there were quite a few different iterations of this style of house. regardless, you’ll see these houses in many different neighbourhoods in East Vancouver, including Mount Pleasant, Hastings, and Grandview-Commercial Drive.

The Vancouver Heritage Foundation is a great organization that aims to maintain and re-vamp old heritage houses to keep their character. They offer history lessons, walking tours, grants for re-painting and renovations and more.

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bungalow styles east van
bungalow styles east van


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