East Van Architecture: Edwardian

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Edwardian style home in East Vancouver

Edwardian-Style Heritage Homes in East Vancouver

East Vancouver has quite a few different styles of houses stemming from popular styles at different time periods in it’s history. Strathcona is always a great neighbourhood to walk through to view different heritage homes as it’s one the oldest neighbourhoods in Vancouver and enforces fairly strict heritage guidelines for homeowners and developers in the area.

The Edwardian Style of home is a popular style that you can find in Strathcona, Mount Pleasant, Grandview-Commercial Drive and elsewhere in East Vancouver. Edwardian Style Houses were popular in the first two decades of the 1900’s, and were a simpler response to the highly decorated style of Victorians. These homes were classic boxy homes with square floor plans over multiple levels, and are quite noticeable when compared to a Craftsman Style Home.

The Heritage Plaque for the Featured Photo of 750 Princess St in Strathcona (above)

The photos we’ve included in this post are homes that have both been well kept, and others that are in dire need of repair. Keep in mind it’s been a century since these houses were in vogue, so you’ll see some interesting additions or details that aren’t necessarily original.



Edwardian style homes has a boxy shape, with a front porch that extended the length of the front of the house (generally – some Edwardians had a small front porch in front of the door). This porch was covered, and often embellished with decorative brackets, classic columns, beautiful wainscotting and elaborate living room windows. Edwardians with higher ceilings often had stained glass windows above the living room windows. Often the front door was flanked by windows on each side, and had inset stained glass. The upper level either had a sleeping porch (open, but covered balcony) or a small dormer window.

The exterior of the homes typical had narrow siding, sometimes stone (granite) at the base, shingles up the exterior and hipped cedar shingle roofs. Older Edwardians in Vancouver that haven’t been well kept often has a stucco exterior. The windows were wood framed. These houses often came in bright colours.

Edwardian homes in East Vancouver
An Edwardian-style home on St Catherines



The interiors, like the exteriors, were boxy and had a range of details depending on how embellished the home itself was. The main floor typical had 4 square rooms, with the entry hall, stairs and built in hall bench on one side, the living room across the entry (with the living room window at the front of the house), the kitchen behind the entry hall and dining room in the corner beside the living room and kitchen. All bedrooms were upstairs with a separated bathroom (water closet in one part and tub/vanity in another) separating the two bedrooms.

These are gorgeous houses when they’re well maintain, and have a good amount of interior space to use in a modern renovation.

The Vancouver Heritage Society is to ultimate and best source of information on Heritage Houses, including styles, colours, history, locations and even grants if you’re looking to revamp one. For more on East Vancouver Real Estate, follow WeLoveEastVan on Twitter and Facebook!

Edwardian style homes in East Vancouver Architecture


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