Summer Reading List: Vancouver Architecture and History

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We’ve officially hit August! The Real Estate Market has slowed down – temporarily while everyone enjoys a dip in the lake and the view from a Mountain peak. I thought this would be a great opportunity to pass along a list of a few books to pique your interest in Vancouver’s architecture, history and more. A few of these books are too big to bring to the beach, but they are a fine read nonetheless.

In no particular order..

Walking Vancouver: 36 strolls to dynamic neighbourhoods, hip hangouts, and spectacular waterfronts

A great little book detailing some walking routes and corresponding facts about different neighbourhoods in our fine city. Every time I go travelling, I always make a point to partake in a walking tour of the city, so why not do the same at home? John Atkin offers some great walking tours, but this book is perfect for those wishing to venture out alone.

Opening Doors: In Vancouver’s East End: Strathcona

Strathcona is one of Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhoods, with a rich history of good times and not so good times. In terms of real estate, Strathcona offers some unique kinds of homes (think detached strata houses, late 1800’s houses and more) along with some strict zoning guidelines when it comes to renovating and building in order to maintain some of that history.

Vancouver Vanishes: The Disappearance Of Old Vancouver

I’m a heritage junkie, and love strolling through Shaughnessy, one of Vancouver’s most beautiful neighbourhoods. This book celebrates some of the heritage houses and apartment buildings lost to demolition and new builds.

West Coast Modern House: Vancouver Residential Architecture

If some of those houses had to be torn down, I’m all in favour of building a gorgeous, modern home with a focus on livability, the outdoors and good construction. This book will take you through some of the best architects the West Coast has seen.

Exploring Vancouver: The Architectural Guide

My all time favourite Vancouver architecture book. It’s a great dose of architecture and history, and you’re guaranteed to learn quite a few new things.

Wallpaper* City Guide Vancouver 2014

For the discerning travellers, check out the Wallpaper City Guide. Better yet, ask any member of the WeLoveEastVan team for ideas and opinions on the best in the city: parks, coffee shops and restaurants, hotels, hidden gems, and more. We’re happy to help those new to Vancouver and residents looking for something new.


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