Best of East Van

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You want to know the best of East Van? You came to the right place. We tried to create a short list of our favourites, but there were too many to name. With so many different niche neighbourhoods, you can truly find a “best of” for every category. We’ve decided to make this a completely personal, experienced based list of our favourite parts of East Van. We include our favourite restaurants, parks, stores, fun and more. Now get out there and find the hidden East Van gems that you love in your vibrant neighbourhood.

Keep in mind that East Vancouver is in a constant state of healthy change with an in flux of more people and more great places to go, while still maintaining a great community vibe.

In no particular order…

Best East Van Coffee Shop

Best East Van Restaurants

Best East Van Bars

Best East Van Music Venues

Best East Van Activities

Best East Van Parks

Best East Van Furniture Store

Best East Van Bakery and Deli