Completed Front – A Vancouver Special Renovation

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Since I last blogged about our Vancouver Special Renovation, we’ve completed a few things on the exterior of the house. Check out the latest pictures:

vancouver special renovations

First up – the exterior lighting. When we were deciding what to do for lighting on the front of the house, there were a few challenges to overcome. Due to the fact that we only had two circuits to run all of the exterior lighting, we needed and wanted to use very efficient LED’s. These, however, are not cheap, as they run in the range of $35-40 each. The first lights we choose were about 5000k (colour), which made them appear really blue, especially against the interior lighting – our house looked a little like a Las Vegas hotel, which wasn’t what we were looking for. We decided to change lights, and we went for an even more expensive, but nice, 3000k – which looks great!

vancouver special renovation exterior decking

The railing assembly for the front of the house has also been completed. We wanted to go with a frameless glass assembly, but we were finding that difficult to do inside our $4000 budget. The solution was to go straight to the source. We got a metal fabricator to do the railing supports, and we got the structural glass from a glass distributor, then had an installer do the rest. Even though we were happy with the end result, next time I’d round the corners of the glass to avoid some sharp edges.

vancouver special renovation exterior lighting and decking


Also completed were the rainscreen, the cedar soffits, and the new balcony membrane.


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